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Marketing & Sales

One of the biggest advantages of a world where isn’t limited to location, is that businesses are able to find new markets.

the towns or cities they are located in. Being able to instantly communicate with people hundreds of miles away, by email, Skype, or long distance conference call, means that the benefits of being in one physical location are slowly being eroded. This has led to a revolution in business practice that has meant that companies.

Marketing & Sales Faq

Gauging your remote sales employee’s performance is important both in terms of helping you to manage, and in helping you to successfully gain new business. Despite your employee being situated hundreds of miles away from you, there are several ways you can measure employee performance.
At the outset, establish clear goals and targets that must be reached, tie employee compensation to performance so that your employee is incentivized to perform at their best (and so that your financial risk is mitigated against poor performance). Beyond this, keep clear channels of communication open between you and your employee, so that they can contact you to ask for help and advice with the sales process.

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